January 13 tarot

She does!

That pesky Five of Cups is back with you again, this week, Virgo. What are you dwelling on? And The Lovers brings with it the energy and resolve to put this past woe to bed once and for all.

What Universe Has Scheduled for Our Betterment Through The Astrological Events Of 12222?

We all have choices. We can all choose how to react to stuff, and how we are going to frame that story for ourselves. Resolve to make it heal.

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The only person who can choose to do that is YOU. The Ace of Coins rolls in to give you something to focus on ahead.

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  • This week, book something or make a plan for something wonderful later in the year a holiday! Make a bright plan for this year, and look forward with optimism. Your efforts, talents and integrity are valued and have been noticed, so expect to receive an opportunity to put them to good use! The Hierophant and Three of Coins combine to tell a story about the hope and faith others have in you.

    Believe it, Libra! The Ace of Coins hints that, this week, the wheels will start turning in motion for you to get a leg-up, a chance to showcase yourself, a promotion or raise. The choice is yours, my friend, because the Two of Swords brings you the option of focusing on either vibe. What you gaze at dictates the direction you head in… which pathway looks more appealing? Take the high road.

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    Focus on the good stuff. Seek the opportunity. Something from the past has compelled you onwards, perhaps once bitten twice shy. The Fool is the first card of the tarot, representing new chapters. Ones fuelled by enthusiasm and optimism, and a sense of being true to ourselves and doing what feels natural and authentic to us. The Eight of Cups reveals the time is NOW to make that move, to put those wheels in motion, to start the process.

    The Sun reveals this is a portal to success, joy and prosperity. And it CAN indicate travel to sunny climes so holiday bookings are well starred right now! This trio of cards is a true blessing to manifest your daydreams in reality, the Universe brings them to you in order to show you what life COULD be. Take heed.

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    Old habits, limiting self-beliefs, warped viewpoints, unhealthy behaviours… they can all be addressed in the next seven days, releasing you of their grip. How great would that feel? When you withdraw from your shadows you are freeing space for new light and energy to flow in, and it WILL.

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    He wants you to slow down, relax, focus on yourself and prioritise the things which make you feel rested and rejuvenated. Pick up the things which make you smile. The time has come to face those fears which are keeping you from your dreams. Rather than pace the floors at night, go beyond the fear and illusion, let it go, and step into the unknown.

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    Once these three squares have occurred this year, we will not be talking about them again until Life can be looking very different come October if you are willing to take the first step. Add my savvy card to your home screen on your smartphone.

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