Astrological predictions for indian elections

Details: He even had a piece of advice for celebrity kids.

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Speaking about Aaradhya, Gyaneshwar said the star-kid has a promising career in politics and may even become PM one day. If only, she changed her name to Rohini. We wonder how Abhi and Ash feel about this.

Astrological Predictions For General Elections (),Lok Sabha Elections

He advised Mukesh Ambani's son Akash to get married in as an alleged inauspicious period would come to an end. Akash got engaged earlier this year.


Looking back: Not the first time, astrologers predicted PM Modi's win. In April this year, Chandrakant Joshi, a noted face reader and astrologer said the criticism PM Modi gets will not affect elections in I was having the same question in mind from the year Now let us go through the predictions which I did on I am expecting the Indian economy to perform very well after Hope you will have a great read.

On 17 Sep , one of my twitter friend asked my view on Shri Narendra Modi chances of winning the Indian General election? Prasna analysis done on Aruda obtained was Makar Rasi with Rasi lord Saturn in 12th with Kethu which is considered unfavorable for the ruling party.


Party workers are to be said from the 3rd house, as they are the key helpers to the party. This shows the stressful situation of party workers.

Badha lord Mars in the 4th lord suggests some unresolved problems inside the party which needs to be sorted out asap. So, in general, the current situation looks a bit disappointing for the ruling party….

‘Sadhe-Sati’ of Rahul Gandhi and revival of Congress Party

Said Chithrabhanu K. Some horoscopes are desirable for Sade Sati. His is one among them.


There was a Rahu Antardasha of the moon in his horoscope when he became the prime minister in It is Rahu [one of the nine planets in Vedic astrology] that gives Modi the intelligence and popularity. His charisma is completely controlled by Rahu.

Poduval said Modi is sure to come back to power in But the year could see Modi grapple with health and other issues. His enemies are baying for his blood. He could be physically attacked in There are so many people who are jealous of him. Poduval was the first astrologer in Asia who had predicted that Modi will become the prime minister.

MP lecturer suspended after predicting BJP poll win based on astrology

Renowned astrologer Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad said Modi is passing through a tough phase now. He cannot take things lightly now. Namboodiripad said Modi will come back to power in But the seats the BJP will get will be a tad less this time.