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We had heard many praises about this school of knowledge and we are quite satisfied by the results. It all seems very amazing and interesting. This is very useful for me because as I don't know the exact timing and date of birth. It is also very useful for future pariharams. Thank you so much for the Rishis and veda parampara.

Aravind Babu, Gachi Kuda This is my first visit. Before I have not gone to any astrologer. In the beginning I could not believe the nadi astrology.

List of Nadi Astrologers in Bannerghatta in Bengaluru

But after interacting with the same time Nadi Reader. I started believing him. Whatever he said it was correct. I listened Sukshama Nadi, I am very much happy after listening it. I would like to continue my relations with him forever.

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Sivasamy, who accurately read the Nadi Joseum. Would like to meet in next trip of yours of India. Waiting for your reply. By: Shashikant Oak on September 3, at pm.

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Hi, I went to a nadi astrologer in Pune, not once but four times with four different friends. The first time I went there, I was totally zapped, the second time I had my doubts, the third time I sharpened my observation and the fourth time I was convinced it was all fraud. This nadi astrologer, named Bala, residing in Aundh, Pune, appears to have practiced the art not of astrology, but of cunning.

He looks through his bunch of palm leaf and the prospect is supposed to answer just yes or no to his questions.

Because people who come to him are so disturbed, they put aside their observation skill and are completely focussed on resolving their problems. By simply answering yes or no the prospect gives away so many details of their lives unknowingly. For example he asks, are you married? When you go to him, along with your thumb print you are also to give the first letter of your name. Then he asks you things like, does your name consist of five letters.

You say either yes or no. He makes a mental note of the number of letters.


Then he asks you smart questions like is there a vowel in your name and you end up giving more info about your name. Then he gives you a set of non vowel letters and asks if any of them are in your name. Suppose you say one of them , he mentally figures what your name could be, by putting the first letter of your name, the vowel, the non vowel. He may ask you similar questions about some other letters if he has not been able to figure out your name yet. To confuse the prospect he will ask similar questions about your parents name.

Any body with pencil and paper in front of them would be able to figure out a name if somebody gave away so many details like what the name begins with, how many letters it consists of, how many vowels and which vowels are there, and which are the consonants that are there. No rocket science there. About your date of birth he will ask things like were you born in the last four months of the year. Suppose you say no, he will ask ,after going through some more leaves and some more questions, were you born in the first four months.

If you say no to that he figures your that you were born in the middle four months. After a series of other questions he will ask, were you born in April or June. If you say no to that he will ask were you born in May.

Vedic Nadi Astrology Not of Human Origin

Even for the date of birth, he will ask something like were you born between the 20th or 30th? Smart fellow. I admire his skill at remembering. After amassing all these details and like your name, your parents name, your date of birth he picks out one leaf and reads all those detail. The prospect is totally zapped and he tells him his leaf is found at last.

Most people who come to him come with some problem or the other and to all of them he says, this is a bad patch of your life, planetary positions, you see. It is not difficult for him to figure out what your problem is because when he takes you through his battery of questions, you have let out somewhere or the other what your problem is. To all the people who come to him he says they are born in good families. To all of them he says there is a remedy for their woes. Poor gullible souls, they believe it all!

Unsuspecting people get duped. But the kind part about him that he gives everyone hope, good times are round the corner. Please do not go to him if you have a problem. Go to him if you want to study how people make fools of others. Go to him if you wish to uncover his fraud. The adress of the reader is given as, Contact person: M. P Road, Aundh, Pune — Phone nos.

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  • This people are a fake. I have been there and personally got my naadi astrolgoy done. He could not get my leaf. To say they are fraud is wrong. They are able to locate the correct leaf by asking questions is that they do not want to waste time. I have ttaken friends to Vaitheeswaran Koil inT. There they ask you to give the date of birth. This is to save time in search of the palm bundle which is indexed. What I found in this study is that the Shanthi Kandam and the andDeekshai kandam.

    Is this the only birth in which sins committed? So how many births and sins and howmany remedies to be done? Here I am worried. Because for me 4 Nadi has given previous birth which are different and so remedies.

    Sri Agastya Sri Kousika Nadi Astrology Jayanagar, Bangalore

    Which one or ALL I should follow?. I am visiting India in Dec. I dont mind travelling to any part of India. Can someone please let me know the address of this Nadi Astrologer? I have never been to any and would like to have a reading done. I have consulted 4 in Chennaii from to They are not frauds. I am not sure about the remedies suggested and the cash part and materials to be given to them.

    In old days it was gold r silver coins.