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Travelling abroad for education will depend on the 5th House or the Lord of the 5th House's connection with the 12th House and the Lord of the 12th House. If the Lord of the 5th House is placed in 12th House or the Lord of the 12th House is placed in 5th House, there are chances of the person fly abroad for higher studies or education.

Chart In the above chart, we can see that the Lord of the 12th House, Jupiter is placed in 5th House with the Lord of the 5th House Venus and Lagna Lord Saturn, thus making a wonderful 'Yog' to travel abroad for higher studies. Permanent residency in a foreign land: To settle abroad permanently, there must be an affliction to the 4th House, and secondly, the Lord of the 4th House must be connected to the 9th and 12th House. Case Study 1.

Foreign Settlements & Travel in Astrology

In this chart, the Lord of the 9th and 12th Houses, Mercury is placed in 4th House with the Lord of the 10th House Moon, indicating travel to a foreign country for education. Malefic Rahu is also placed in the 4th House. Lagna Lord is placed in the 12th House, indicating permanent stay abroad. Similarly, in Chaturthamsa, we can see that the Lord of the12th House, Mars is placed in 4th House with Ketu, and the Lord of the 4th House , Jupiter is placed in 12th House confirming a permanent stay abroad. Periods when foreign travels are indicated: 1. Note: Examine all these yogas from the Moon sign and also in the Navamsa.

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Thanks for Subscribe. When I will be able to travel and settle abroad. Thank You. Hello, my date of birth is Do I have a settlement in abroad on permanent basis? My name is Piyush khosla. My DOB is 14 April and born at am. I am living in Canada from past 4 years. Can you please tell me will I able to settle in Canada permanently? Can you read my kundali in detail guru?

It will be appreciated if you do so.. Sir pls tell ,When i will get job in abroad.

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Please help me with the details of Foreign Settlement. My birth details are as below. Kindly analyze and please tell me if I have a Foreign Settlement and if Yes then at what age. Thanks for the reply sir. We are here in USA from 7 years and planning to settle here only.

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Here are the details. Time: am. Swati please clear 11july night or 11 july morning if 11 july morning than you should right Date of birth — 6-march time — AM Place — kapurthala punjab Dear sir Is any possibility in my chart to marriage in foreign land? Mahesh according to your horoscope marriage in foreign land is possible, some hurdle will come you can try for that.

And also married life? Vik you have ask multiple of question my website allow only one question is free if you know everything then get profession appointment. Is there a chance of foreign settlement and if yes when will it be? Minu you have chance to settle in foreign land but you will have to face something problem also. Maanya 27 feb am Sri Ganganagar Rajasthan Sir plzzzz help i am in fashion designing if I can settle abroAd. Maanya according to your kundali no strong combination present in your horoscope but after marriage can be possible. I am in UK currently with my wife and daughter and looking for permanent settlement abroad from India to any country.

Is this looks possible for me and by when it is possible. This is terribly affecting my departure from here. Pls suggest can I travel back to home or any hopes for departure from this country in near future?

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Guruji will i settle in australia. According to your horoscope you can try. According to your horoscope presently your Venus Mahadasha is going on ven is in 12th house this is the house of foreign due to this reason you always think about that try time is going on but not very strong combination. Lokesh you should apply visa and hope very soon you will be there..

Ragasudha D. B is september 6th, , place kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, time not exactly know approx in between 9. Prashanth for paid astro service all information available on my website like Question Desk and Bank detail. Sir m kind of lost in my career path so now i am looking to move abroad for a better future Please suggest if it is good according to my kundli 16 Nov Sri Ganganagar Rajasthan.

According to your kundli your dasha is going on Rah mahadasha and Saturn Antardash Rahu is placed in 12th house house of Foreign and sat is the lord of profession so that you think for abroad but keep in mind you will start from below than expectation. When will i go to foreign..?? Dear Dr. My wish is to settle in USA or European country. I had never travelled abroad.

Thanks in advance. Mr sai according to your kundali after May is favorable time for you. Sir, my date of birth is 28 July , and i wanted to know my chances for foreign settlement careerwise. Time Place:Hyderabad ,andhra Pradesh ,India Recently married to a guy who works abroad I have been there but since he got shifted to other city and I was jobless there Will I go to foreign again and will I get a job over there Married on 23 may Miss Raksha your current place is Mumbai but where is your birth place you have not note down.

Please let me know if there is foreign settlement in my horescope and in which year I wish to settle abroad from May onwards. If it is possible now? Kindly let me know. Hello dipak sir,plz help me. Year nd month if possible..

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I am roma my dob is nov 10 Thursday morning time am in Kathmandu according to my kundali which year I can go to foreign country? My dob is , am, Bangalore, Karnataka Is there any chance of foreign travel before. Jai shani dev, respected Sir had asked for quick outlook regards my foreign settlement. Thank u so much for ur reply sir…probably not possible before September as I am getting married by June- July..

Determination of Foreign Travel Through Prashna Kundli

This is good time for foreign travel. I am in USA and from past few months and not doing well. Facing lots of challenges for job and visa status. Do you think I have any scope in foreign settlement? Not sure i would like to settle in India at this time. Please guide me. Is there any chance of going to usa?

And do i go for there for job or some else reason? My name is Kaushik Patil.

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Birth place:- Jalgaon. Time:- Sir, do I have a chance of foreign settlement. My details are as follows: dobth nov 83, time: 10pm , place :jamshedpur. My husbands details are as follows: dobth aug 81, time: am , place :delhi. My Birth date is 6th june, Whether i have possibility for settle in foreign country? Om Sai Ram. I am waiting for your reply sir. Because, i am getting my groom search are mostly from long distance like U.