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If you are born on February 12th, your zodiac sign is Aquarius. While on the one hand you can be quite clever and resourceful, on the other hand you tend to be quite irrational.

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Instead, you are a stubborn idealist. It does not come as a shock that you become emotionally connected to your own personal world of ideas.

Any attack on those ideas necessarily becomes an attack for you. While you can be an adaptable person and you can otherwise achieve a lot with your life, your stubbornness as far as your personal beliefs go is your main stumbling point. The sooner you work on these is the sooner you will become more successful in all areas of your life.

Lovers born on the 12th of February take the time to process and share what they are feeling.

You often think before you speak. As you can probably already know, the vast majority of relationships break up because people are thoughtless with their words.

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Words matter. Also, you never say anything unless you truly mean it. You live by your heart and you take what you say seriously. This is why you make for a great romantic partner. In many cases, even if your partner is screwing around, abusing you, or doing all sorts of negative things, you still manage to find the strength to hang on.

February 12 Zodiac is Aquarius - Full Horoscope Personality

Those with a birthday on February 12 possess tremendous intuition, creativity, and personal brilliance. You always come to a meeting well-prepared. You always anticipate what other people would say. You also expand a lot of the roles given you to truly bring them to life. You tend to subscribe to interesting ideas that people might find unorthodox, unconventional, or downright weird.

The Sagittarius is a Fire sign, just like the Aries and Leo. Sagittarius Horoscope predicts: Your ruler Jupiter moves to retrograde on 4 January and does not move forward until 5 May. You may not find it easy to get ahead in this time frame, but you can find it extremely valuable if you are prepared to curtail some unnecessary activity, and make some cut backs in your life. Jupiter will remain in Virgo until late September and some parts of your life will be tested. When it moves to Libra a new group of friends or people enter your life and lift your spirits.

Pluto is still in your sign and affects those born December and your year is likely to be more intense than usual and will demand more of you. Venus will also remain in your relationship sign from April to August. Just like a unicorn, you are indomitable and free, however, you will make an effort to communicate, rather than exercise your authority. You will make sure that the people around you respect your choices and leave you the freedom to act as you see fit. You encounter difficulties organizing your time, not knowing where to start, and where your priorities lie.

Today's Sagittarius Horoscope - Tuesday, November 12, 12222

Professionally, you find your way towards success, and if you are evaluated against another person for the position you were hoping to get for some time, you will win in the second part of the year. You will successfully give courage and optimism to the people who need it, without showing your own doubts, although you are likely to end this year rather tired.

For your coworkers, you are the ideal colleague, one who knows how to show warmth, humor, and joy of life, and how to ensure a good work atmosphere. This year, you will be able to prove your talents, and you will show great enthusiasm, which will allow you to achieve success. However, do not neglect your commitments. At the beginning of the year, you might encounter some financial obstacles.

Therefore, your worries will reflect in your romantic life. However, you will learn to handle things with more precision. In love, you will be very passionate in the relationship with your soul mate, and more reflective due to the obstacles coming your way. You create special moments with your partner without devoting all your time and energy to your work. Professionally, you will work intensely, in a rather disciplined way, which does not look like you at all.

You might need to travel abroad. Personal opportunities for Sagittarius: Until May you may feel that your natural luck has deserted you and you are not moving forward in your life.

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Maybe you are not supposed to and the sooner you realize this the easier the first half of the year will be. A concerted health or fitness regime is one area that you can benefit.

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From May though your life does begin to move forward because of earlier restraints. From late September until the end of the year, your optimism returns and life looks much better.

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Personal limitations for Sagittarius: If you are born November your life is likely to go through some sudden change in direction that is out of your control. For all other Centaurs 17 May until the end of June can feel a restrictive time with both finances and relationships and is your most testing period. Venus is also a major player here as she governs the money that passes through our hands.

Partnerships are where some increase comes to you this year. With Venus moving into a retrograde phase May and June though can involve legal negotiations with the chance to cease a partnership or close off a debt in some way. This is an important area this year because of the extended stay of Venus, the planet that governs relating to other people, in your relationship sign of Gemini from April until August.

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